Children’s Day 2021 Celebration

‘ALMARATHNALIL OTHUKOODAM ORUMICHU VALARAM’ initiative of SEVA@CVV conducted an online quiz for tribal students on 14 November 2021, on the occasion of Children’s Day. Forty-five students actively participated in the quiz on Jawaharlal Nehru. Aparna Vinod and Namitha Balachandran (SEVA@CVV volunteers) were the quiz masters.  

After the quiz was over, the students were taught a poem ‘Oru Paattu Pinneyum Paadi Nokkunnitha’ written by Smt. Sugathakumari, at eacher, well-known environmentalist and Malayalam poetess. The session ended with the singing of songs by Chandhana (class 10, G.H.S.S. Thalapuzha), Jithin (___G.H.S.S. Thalapuza) and  Sivani (class 7, G.U.P.S. Thalapuzha).

The  Quiz Winners are:

First prize – Sivani B. S. (Class 7 G.U.P.S Thalapuza, Samarabhumi Colony, Wayanad district)

Second Prize – Anakha P. A. (Class 8, GH.H.S.S.  Ezhumattor, Pathanamthitta district)

Third Prize – Nayana Rajan(Class 6, G.U.P.S Thalapuzha, Godhavari Colony, Wayanad district)