Celebrations at CNBG

Student of M.A. Music, Dipin Das, Makes CVV Proud

Kanthe Maharaj Smruti Samaroh Samiti, Aurangabad, organised an online Tabla Competition on 25 July on the occasion of the death anniversary of the great Tabla maestro Pandit Kanthe Maharaj of Benares Gharana. The competition was conducted in two categories: Junior and Senior. There were 105 competitors in the senior category, in which CVV’s student of second-year M.A. Music, Dipin Das, participated.

During his ten minute performance, he played Peshkar, Tishrajaati Kaida, Gath, Chakradhar, Tukda and Rav compositions in Taal Jhaptaal. He also played Teen Taal and compositions of Teen Taal in Jhaptaal (a concept of Layakaari).

The result was declared on 1st August, the memorial day of Pandit Kanthe Maharaj, in the Kanthe Maharaj Smruti Samaroh Facebook page. It gave us great joy to see Dipin Das’s name amongst the winners. He won the third prize and was awarded a cash price of Rs.2000/-.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration at CNBG Campus

Students of M.A. Music, Dipin, Jeevan and Sudha, who have stayed back to spend their holidays on campus, participated in the Raksha Bandhan ceremony at Chinmaya Vibhooti.  They were tied hand-made rakhis by the ladies present. Each sister was assigned three brothers. It was a heart-warming occasion.

In the evening the students joined the bhajan session organised by Chinmaya Vibhooti at the Pranav Ganesh Mandir.