10th International Day of Yoga Celebration at CVV

On 21st June 2024, CVV celebrated the 10th International Day of Yoga across its campuses. The theme this year was ‘Yoga for Self and Society’. The event was organised by CVV’s Department of Physical Education showcasing the University’s commitment to promoting holistic health and wellbeing among its students, faculty, and staff.

The celebrations took place simultaneously at the Onakkoor and Wariam Road facilities with a range of activities and programmes designed to highlight the importance of yoga in maintaining physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

At both places, the event began with the lighting of a lamp. The chanting of mantras set a tranquil tone for the day’s activities. At the LP facility, the Provost of CVV, Prof. Sudheer Babu Yarlagadda set the tone with his speech while at the PP facility, the Registrar and Dean Academics, Prof. T. Ashokan did the same.

At the LP Facility, Mr. Narayan Baban Shete (Assistant Professor) led the yoga session for the participants, including students, faculty, and staff. The serene environment of the campus added to the ambience, fostering a sense of tranquillity and mindfulness among the attendees.

Throughout the session, emphasis was placed on the holistic benefits of yoga, promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and spiritual growth. The event also featured the demonstration of advanced yoga poses by skilled practitioners, inspiring beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

The yoga session at LV was streamed live at the Warriam rad facility to enable the participants from there to participate virtually, ensuring inclusivity and broader participation across facilities.

Besides the morning yoga session, there were educational workshops on the history and benefits of yoga, enriching participants’ understanding of this ancient practice.

By embracing yoga’s principles of harmony and balance, CVV reaffirmed its dedication to nurturing the mind and body of its students and faculty. The event concluded with a collective resolve to continue integrating yoga into the university’s curriculum and extracurricular activities, ensuring sustained benefits for all participants.