Book Reading at the Grantha Club

The second Grantha Club meeting was held on 17th April and the book ‘The Last Brahmin’ was discussed. The discussion was lead by R. Venkata Raghavan, Assistant Professor, School of PPSH, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth.


The book, originally in Telugu by Rani Siva Sankara Sarma and translated into English by D. Venkat Rao, is a unique account of modern day Hinduism.The book is a semi-autobiographical work telling us the story of the author’s father Rani Narasimha Sharma, who was a Vedanta Pandita and also the ‘protagonist’ of the book. It juxtaposed Hinduism with the ‘Old order’ or the ‘Order of Shankara,’ as the author calls it, and points out the differences between a Vedic Brahmin and a Hindu Brahmin. Through the father’s life, the author also discusses the place of women in the Old Order, the fallacy involved in the current project of caste annihilation and the influence of Christianity on Indian religious life.