Blood Donation Camp by NSS

On 18 May 2024, the National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of CVV organised a blood donation camp at the CEG campus. The camp was open to the public and aimed at creating awareness and encouraging people to donate blood to save lives. The camp was held from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

The event commenced with an introductory speech by the organisers, highlighting the critical need for blood donations and the positive impact of such contributions. The volunteers and medical professionals ensured a seamless process starting with the registration and preliminary health checks, which included testing haemoglobin and blood pressure, and a review of their medical history. Donors were provided refreshments and post-donation care instructions to ensure their well-being.

The camp saw active participation from both the student body and the local community. Over 25 individuals donated blood reflecting the community’s strong support and willingness to contribute to this noble cause. The collected blood units will significantly aid in meeting the healthcare needs of those in critical conditions, showcasing the tangible benefits of such community-driven initiatives.

The event provided a valuable platform for students to engage in meaningful activities that contribute to the welfare of society. The student coordinators, Harinand A. S. (first year, B.Tech. AI and ML), Aamina Afnan (second year, B.A. B.Ed. English) played a critical role in mobilising volunteers and managing the event effectively.