Bharatnatyam Performance on a Composition by Sri Swapnil Chaphekar

‘Gaabhrichya paavsa…! (Damn you, rain…!) is a beautiful song in Marathi, written, composed and sung by Shri Swapnil Chaphekar, Assistant Professor (Hindustani Vocal) and Head of CVV’s School of Kalayoga, who is also a poet and music composer.

This song was specially penned for a performance by noted Bharatanatyam dancer Keerthana Ravi at a programme called ‘Aabhar’ on 14 August 2020. It was an Instagram live performance organised by Guru G. V. Ramani Natya Kala Foundation. Keerthana Ravi presented a unique concept of the varying shades of rain and ‘Gaabrichya paavasa’ showcases the less explored, negative shade of rains. The nayika is annoyed with the rain because it has come too late, it makes her roof leak and floods her hut, because it did not come when her father died of thirst in the drought.

It was composed in Marathi to represent the Marathwada region of Maharashtra which is often hit by drought. The musical composition was based on Raga Bhoopashree. Keerthana’s flawless performance effectively brings out the hardships of the people living in drought-affected areas.

Watch the performance Here