B C Jindal Foundation Supports the Chinmaya Utthishta Bharata Scholarship Programme to Empower Underserved Students

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the B C Jindal Foundation is generously supporting eleven of our students under the Chinmaya Utthishta Bharata Scholarship programme. This scholarship covers the entire cost of education for one academic year with a total budget of Rs.50,00,000/-.

B C Jindal Foundation

The B C Jindal Foundation is the CSR arm of the B C Jindal Group. It believes in contributing towards social change. The Foundation’s vision is “to be acknowledged as a responsible organization by creating positive impact on communities through sustainable interventions”. The Foundation works to improve the life of communities through interventions which are designed based on community needs and create sustainable impact. The interventions focus on enhancing the quality of life and bringing positive change in the communities in the area of education, preventive health and sanitation, livelihood and Skill development and community development. The communities in the surrounding areas of its operations are considered the primary beneficiaries. 

Chinmaya Utthista Bharata Scholarship Programme

The Chinmaya Utthista Bharata Scholarship programme is aimed at providing quality higher education to deserving students from underserved economic backgrounds to enable them find their inner calling and fulfil their unique and inherent potential based on the ethos of Indian culture and its timeless wisdom. Through these scholarships, we endeavour to prepare students to address contemporary challenges, and thus, inspire them to leave a positive impact on the world as confident and cultured contributors to society, while inculcating a SEVA bhav and the principle of ‘Giving it forward’.  

To know more, write to: midhu.mohan@cvv.ac.in