Asst. Prof. Karthik Sharma Presented a Paper at International Conference on Quantum Science and Relevance in Vedanta

ICPR (New Delhi), Sri Shankaracharya Vangmaya Seva Parishad, Ayodhya, and Vedanta Bharati, Mysuru, jointly organised a 3-day international conference on the theme ‘Quantum Science and  Relevance in Vedanta’ held from 23rd to 25th December 2023 in Ayodhya. Academicians from IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, Stanford University (California, USA), Institute of Advance Sciences (Massachusetts, USA), Central Sanskrit University (Tirupati) and various other reputed institutions made their presentations. Karthik Sharma, Assistant Professor from the School of Vedic Knowledge Systems at CVV, presented a paper on ‘Non-duality, Unreality and Three Types of Existence’ on 24th December 2023. He focused on defining and establishing concepts like non-duality, reality, unreality, absolute existence, transactional existence and empirical existence based on the arguments discussed in the primary works of Advaita Vedanta.

Listen to the talk here: