Asst. Prof. Dr. Swapnil Chaphekar is Now an AIR ‘B-High’ Artist

All India Radio (AIR) has a well-established and widely acclaimed audition process for selecting artists, grading them by professional standards and offering broadcast engagements. Any grade by AIR is a matter of pride, reputation and a benchmark in the career of a musician. Even UGC recognises the grades given by AIR and considers certain grades as eligibility for appointment as a professor. However, it is a long process to achieve the grades and the process is so tough that passing an audition is extremely challenging.

The grades are awarded to artists based on the performance quality adjudged by a Committee of Eminent Musicians and experts from the field.

Dr. Swapnil Chaphekar (Assistant Professor, School of Kalayoga) received his entry-level grade ‘B’ on his very first attempt in September 2019. Thereafter, he applied for upgradation in 2020, the audition for which took place in May 2022 and the result was announced on 01 December 2022. He is now an AIR ‘B-High’ artist. The next step is to achieve an ‘A’ grade and which we are sure Dr. Chaphekar will achieve it in no time! 

“I thank all fellow CVVians and especially my colleagues from the School of Kalayoga for their continuous support and encouragement.” ~ Dr. Swapnil Chaphekar