An Elegant Geometry of our Inner Path to Enlightenment—Talk by Dr. Raju Chidambaram

On 27th October 2023, Dr. Raju Chidambaram gave a lecture on ‘An Elegant Geometry of our Inner Path to Enlightenment’.

Dr. Raju and his wife Shobha are long-time devotees of Swami CHinmayananda having first met Gurudev in 1978. Dr. Raju’s ‘mananam’ reflections on what he heard from Gurudev and Guruji took the form of understanding Vedantic principles in mathematical terms. These results have been published in three books.

Dr. Raju Chidambaram was born and educated in the Trichur district of Kerala. He did his B.A. (Hons.) in Mathematics from Madras University and Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute. He completed his Ph.D. in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He worked in satellite communications for INTELSAT.

At CVV, he was given a tour of the campus at Veliyanad, the facility at Onakkoor and CIF premises including Adi Sankara Nilayam.