Alok Kumar Secures Second Rank in Aksharashloki

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Alok Kumar, second year student of BA Sanskrit, secured the second rank in Aksharashloki competition, a part of a 4-day Akhilabharatiya Shastriya Spardha (All India Elocution Competition) organised in BHU, Varanasi, by Central Sanskrit University. Students from 23 states participated in it. 

This competition is akin to Antyakshari but it is special in many ways. Participant needs to have Sanskrit shlokas from each letter, including unending combinations such as क्ल, ध्रु, क्षौ, वै, शृ and so on. The list of texts is also decided in advance. The other interesting part is prahara, that is, making such an attack so that the next participant gets a rare letter. Sometimes there can be restriction on a specific metre. All this makes it very tough. Here is the link to the live recording.