A Joyous Navaratri 2023 at CVV

Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth celebrated Navaratri at the Chidvilas Auditorium at CEG campus on 18th October 2023. The event was led by the Fine Arts and Performing Arts Club of the University, under the leadership of the Bharat Society. The festivities commenced with musical performances by the students, followed by a violin ensemble and a vibrant display of dance forms.

The students showcased traditional Navaratri dances such as dandiya and garbha, offering attendees a fresh and immersive experience. Additionally, they presented a theatrical performance steeped in the traditions and heritage of Navaratri, captivating the audience. The cultural richness of Navaratri was further highlighted through a rangoli competition, transforming the alphabet into a colourful universe.

Dr. P. N. Prabhavathi, Coordinator of the Bharat Society and Assistant Professor at CoE, orchestrated the event alongside CoE coordinators. The festivities paid homage to the heritage of Navaratri and its cultural significance, enlightening and engaging the entire university community.

On 20th October 2023, the students at the Warriam Road facility organised a small celebration featuring the traditional dance forms of Navaratri—garbha and dandiya.