Beyond the classroom

Students on campus are encouraged to explore and learn through various activities that help them tune in and explore their potential be it on or off the campus.

Annual inter-collegiate fest ‘Jabagadadash’

Exclusively hosted by the students, this annual fest is open to all colleges across India and overseas with a variety of events to participate in. CVVians, conceptualise the events, raise funds, design, promote, interact with student communities and overall organise the fest.

CVV Fests

To showcase their talents, CVVians participate in the on-campus, annual cultural fest Lakshya, and the literary and fine art fest Sparsha.

Annual Sports Event

An annual intra-mural sports event is organised for single, double and group participation in various events like Badminton, Throwball, Foot Cricket, Football, Cricket, Chess and so on.

Naada Bindu Festivalof Arts

CVV’s School of Kalayoga (performing arts) also hosts the annual Naada Bindu Festival of Arts, an annual residential music and dance festival that aims to facilitate improved understanding of the arts.

Field Trips and outdoor Experiential Learning

Being in tune with nature and gaining knowledge of the community through travel has been a part of our ancient culture. This is further imbibed in the students through field visits and outdoor activities that are often a part of the curriculum.

Community Service

The SEVA (Service, Empathy, Virtue and Attentiveness) project at CEG provides opportunities for the students and faculty to together reach out and serve the local community. The CSR programme at CNBG is a rural community-based development initiative that provides free training in music, to children from the neighbouring villages. Over a hundred children across thirty villages benefit from this programme.


Students are encouraged to initiate and participate in clubs and societies that are run entirely by students with faculty support when needed. Some of the clubs are