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Dr. Pavankumar Satuluri

Dr. Pavankumar holds a doctorate from the University of Hyderabad. His research work “Sanskrit Compound Generation: with a Focus on the Order of Operations” is at the intersection of Sanskrit Grammar and Computational Linguistics. He studied Vyākaraṇa (Pāṇinian Grammar) in the traditional style from renowned scholars. He has served as post-doctoral Research Associate at IIT, Kharagpur on an advanced MHRD sponsored project. He collected the German corpus on compounds and attempted the writing of grammar for German compounds based on Pāṇinian rules.

He presented several papers in National and International conferences and has eight papers in academic journals. Currently, Pavankumar is applying the Pāṇinian framework to other Indian Languages with a special emphasis on the Kāraka theory and compounds. Pavankumar is a member in the review committee for the section on Computational Sanskrit and Digital Humanities in the 17th World Sanskrit Conference.


Ph.D., M.Ed, B. Ed, Acharya (Navya Vyakarana)

Research Interest:

Pāṇinian Grammar, Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. Apart from this he is interested in Philosophy of Language and Indian Logic

Work Experience:

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Department of CSE, IIT
  • Senior Technical Fellow in Department of CSE, IIT Kharagpur
  • Guest Faculty - University of Hyderabad
  • Research Associate, Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad
  • Junior Linguist, Sanskrit Academy, Osmania University

Recent Publications:

Dr. Pavankumar Satuluri

Assistant Professor

School of Linguistics & Literary Studies

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