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Dr. L. Sampath Kumar

Dr. L. Sampath Kumar is a Sanskrit faculty, Assistant Professor and Head of the School of Linguistics and Literary Studies. He has a Doctorate for his research in ‘Abhidhānaratnamālā – A Study’ from Pondicherry University. He has authored and edited eight books and presented research papers at international and national seminars.

Dr. Sampath Kumar is proficient in Sanskrit, English, Tamil and Hindi. He is a gifted poet and has composed poetry in all these languages. He has also penned Sanskrit lyrics for two dance-dramas. In 2017, the ‘Acharya Ratna’ award was conferred on him by Sri Siva Swamy Kalalaya Education Society, Chennai,  for his service to education.


  • Ph.D. (Lexicography), Pondicherry University, Puducherry
  • M.Phil. (Critical Edition), University of Madras, Chennai
  • M.A. Sanskrit with Gold Medal, University of Madras, Chennai
  • B.A. Sanskrit with Gold Medal, University of Madras, Chennai

Areas of Teaching:

  • Sahitya
  • Alankara shastra
  • Grammar and Linguistics

Research Interests:

  • Relevance of Sanskrit literature to modern times
  • Bhakti literature
  • Comparative study of literature
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2004). Sikshapatriyin Muthukkal—A Tamil Translation of 'Gems from Siikshapatri'. Akshardham, Ahmedabad: Swami Narayan Aksharpith.
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2005). Idayanadam—A Tamil Translation of Vibrations. Akshardham, Ahmedabad: Swami Narayan Aksharpith.
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2017). Ādiśeṣaḥ—A Sanskrit Translation. Srirangam.
  • L. Sampath Kumar, V. Sowmyanarayanan. (2017). Complete Works of Srimad Ramanuja. Chennai: Srimad Andavan Ashram.


  • L. Sampath Kumar. (March 2004). Dukūla—A Study. Knowledge Economy, 51-52.
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2017). Kapilopadeśe bhaktimārgaprabhāvaḥ. Rasikapriya.
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2019). Kamparāmāyaṇe raghuvamśamahākāvyasya prabhāvaḥ. Rasikapriya, 33-36.
  • L. Sampath Kumar. (2019). Buddhodayakāvya of Śāntibhikṣu—An Analysis. Prācyā, 76-85.
  • L. Sampath Kumar.  (2020). Awareness of Health in Sanskrit Literature. Ajanta, 87-93.

Dr. L. Sampath Kumar

Assistant Professor and HOS

School of Linguistics & Literary Studies

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