Why Study the Indic Worldview in Higher Education in India?

Webinar on Why Study the Indic Worldview in Higher Education in India?

Dr. Shilpa Ashok Pandit, a trained psychologist who has worked on different aspects of social development in the last 2 decades. In Indian Psychology, her research interests include well-being and consciousness, the concept of Rasa in Natya and Bhakti and advanced meditation states. She is currently Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Philosophy and Scientific Heritage, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth.
Prof. Gauri Mahulikar, an expert in Sanskrit who has retired as the Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Mumbai University. Prof. Mahulikar has several publications to her credit and is currently serving as the Dean of Faculties, Chinmaya Vishwaivdyapeeth
The Webinar will focus of the relevance of an Indic worldview in Indian Education. It will discuss the root of the worldview in the language and how the effacement of the language from the public discourse has effaced the world -view contained therein after independence, emphasising the role of appreciating, leaning and utilising Sanskrit in Higher Education in India.
When: October 9, 2019
When: 5:30 PM