CVV is thrilled to welcome the UG batch of 2021-22 with a ceremonial ‘Vidyarambham’ and an induction to the University.
The induction programme, spread over 3 days (26th August to 28th August 2021), will introduce the student to the academic environment at CVV and to the relevant administrative support available to them. The programme will also familiarise the student with the various extra-curricular activities at CVV and the infrastructure available on campus. The induction programme will be followed by a week-long Bridge Programme which will further support the students to settle into their respective degree programmes at CVV.
The Vidyarambham serves as the formal acceptance of the student into the University, symbolically embracing them into the CVV fold, and welcoming them into academic life. The student lights a lamp to seal their commitment to walking this path of knowledge and learning, seeking the blessings of their parents and elders for their eventual success, and taking various pledges to ensure their steadfastness of purpose. Various dignitaries of the University will address them as they set out on this journey. Please join us for the Vidyarambham and wish our new students the best.