The Present and Future of Teaching: Expectations from a School Teacher

A Conversation with Two National Award-Winning Teachers

When the COVID-19 pandemic came upon us unexpectedly, one of the professions that went through drastic changes, to meet entirely new challenges, was teaching. Granted, talks have been going on for years now, in fabled lecture halls and conference rooms, about integrating technology into classroom teaching. However, the demands of the post-pandemic times left teachers and schools with no choice but to adapt and adopt, on a grand scale. 

Those teachers who steadfastly remained learners for life met the challenge head-on, learnt new skills, honed the older ones, and attempted to transfer existing practices into a hitherto unchartered territory of online classes. In the past year, many a tale has been told of hard-earned victories while many speak of those banished to the margins owing to multi-fold limitations — be it lack of reliable access to technology or lack of individual attention, amongst others. 

The pandemic has definitely changed the trajectory of teaching as a profession. NEP 2020 has served to further define it. At this juncture, a question definitely arises in the minds of all who have chosen this noble profession: 

  • What is expected of a school teacher of this time and age?
  • What can and should a teacher do? 
  • What does the future look like for a school teacher? 
  • How do we mould the young minds that come to us trustingly for their beautiful futures?

In the list of various stakeholders, we often forget to include aspiring teachers, some of whom may not even be enrolled in teacher training programmes at the moment. They definitely would want to know more about the present ground reality and what is expected of them once they embark upon their journeys as teachers. They would also wish to gain clarity on what they should prepare for, especially if it requires additional effort during their training programmes.

This is precisely why the students of CVV’s integrated BEd programmes invite all of you from the teaching fraternity — both practising and aspiring teachers — to a conversation with two national award-winning teachers with a wealth of experience and wisdom. As we celebrate Teachers’ Day this year, let us learn from them how we can make a difference to the lives of learners, even in the midst of unpredictability. Let us be prepared for the present and the future of teaching as a profession. 

Let us be inspired to teach.

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