Svadhyaya: On the Line

Find your Shade this summer!

A summer workshop by SEVA Club of CVV focusing on holistic development of high school students of 8th to 10th grade

18 to 24 May 2021 | 5:30 pm to 6: 30 pm 

Online Via Zoom

Last date for registration: 17 May 2021

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The resource persons are students of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth and the members of the Seva Committee.

Anaghasri J. P. |  First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Memory Development
Enthusiastic learner with a keen interest in neuroscience and neuropsychology, Anaghasri has strong analysis and communication skills. She is open minded and always ready to take up new challenges.

Meenakshi K. L. | First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Stage Fear (Communication Skills)
With a positive attitude and smiling demeanour, Meenakshi gets along with everyone. She likes to read and listen to music.

Supreeta Dattathri | First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Stress Management
A passionate presenter. She loves children and enjoys trying new things.

Aparna Vinod | First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Creativity
Aparna loves singing, writing, sketching, creative content writing and movie analysing. Fluent in English, Malayalam and Hindi, she has excellent listening and communication skills.

S. Sarada | First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Problem Solving and Decision Making
Sarada enjoys reading, singing, drawing, art, and content writing. Fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, her expertise lies in communication and writing. She is well versed with social media technology.

Kamya Krishna Kumar | First-year B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Topic: Short film
Creative, hard working, detail oriented, dependable and responsible – that’s Kamya for you. She’s not afraid to face any challenge. She is passionate about her work. An open and honest person, she doesn’t believe in misleading people and tries to be fair in everything she does.

Aavani Prakash | First-year BBA
Toopic: IKS/ Gita 
hirpy and calm, Aavani is a nature enthusiast. She is fond of plants, people and philosophies and is intrigued by the idea of spirituality.

Fees: Free workshop

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