Svadhyaya: Journey of Togetherness Travels India

Svadhyaya: Journey of Togetherness is a five-day workshop for high school students organised by the students of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV). The aim is to help the students improve their life-skill competencies. The areas that will be covered over the five days include: Mental Health and Hygiene, Learning from Failure, Advanced Online Tools for Learning and Effective Communication: Why and How. 

Resource Persons:

  • Mental Health and Hygiene by Meghna S. A. (Third-year BA Applied Psychology) 
  • Learning from Failure by Supreeta Dattathri (Second-year BSc Applied Psychology)
  • Online Tools for Learning by S. Sarada: (Second-year BSc Applied Psychology)
  • Effective Communication by Rishab R. Nair (Second-year BCom)

Platform: Google Meet


Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Bindu M. P. (Assistant Professor, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth)

Students Coordinators: 

  • Anusha Samanta (Third-year BA Applied Psychology)
  • Navya Kumar (Third-year BA Applied Psychology)
  • Bhoomi Trivedi (First-year BSc Applied Psychology)