A Webinar on ‘Sustainable Living: Possibilities and Concerns’

Humans make hundreds of thousands of decisions during the course of their lives. These decisions vary wildly. What food will I eat? What hours will I live in? How will I get to work in the morning? What type of clothes will I wear? How will I spend my spare time? The list is endless. No matter how we choose to answer these questions, the lifestyles we end up living—or, in some cases are forced to live—have a profound impact on our planet, affecting everything from how our economies grow to the health of our environment.

Students act as a bridge between two generations. It is the responsibility of students to realise and understand what is happening today, eliminate the bad, extract the good and implement choices for a better tomorrow.

Understanding their responsibility, the students of the Minor course ‘Science for Sustainable Living’ have taken the lead to organise a webinar wherein they will present papers on the various dimensions of the topic: Sustainable Living: Possibilities and Concerns.

Paper presentations by students of Science for Sustainable Living

1. Amal Nath: B.Com., 5th Semester

2. Deekshitha Muthukumar: B.A. Sanskrit, 5th Semester

3. K. Mamatha: B.Com., 5th Semester

4. Keerthana:  B.Com., 5th Semester

5. Sreeparvathy: B.A. Applied Psychology, 5th Semester

Date: 26 December 2020 | Time: 7 to 8 pm

Via Google Meet. Click here to join.

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