TRIPS Waiver Proposal—State of Play and the Way Forward

Access to medicine and medical technologies has been a recurring concern across the world. One of the major reasons for inaccessibility is the existence of the global IP regime enforced through the TRIPS agreement. In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, India, South Africa, Kenya and the Eswatini countries approached the TRIPS Council to waive obligations regarding the protection and enforcement of certain IP rights to enable the fight against the pandemic. While many developed countries expressed their scepticism on the proposal, it obtained wide support from WTO member countries, international organisations like WHO and UNAIDS, academia and social movements. Further deliberations on the proposal are going to take place in the TRIPS Council and General Counsel of WTO.

Against this background, under the aegis of the 4th International Conference on New Frontiers in Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge, Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, along with Third World Network; National Law University, Delhi; and the Inter-University Centre for IPR studies is organising a panel discussion to understand the imperativeness of the waiver proposal.

Date: 18 December 2020

Time: 7.30 PM IST

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