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Entrepreneurship in developing economies is more of a social phenomenon than an economic driver. Social empowerment helps entrepreneurs cognitively evolve their abilities to turn ideas into action and build a contextual business model. Socially empowered entrepreneurs are innovative and take risks to plan and manage business projects to achieve predetermined goals in the local markets. With proactive public policies in emerging markets, the empowerment of entrepreneurs is operationalised in both financial and social categories.

This conference aims at discussing complexities in entrepreneurial business models in the context of social, environmental, and cultural dimensions inspired by Indic wisdom. Discussions in the conference are geared to explore entrepreneurial and business models in emerging markets. This academic forum will encourage quality research on entrepreneurial innovation, design, experimentation of business models in the context of growing market competition and will appreciate time-relevant models inspired by our heritage. The arguments on social philosophies and consumption patterns will also raise prolific discussions with a focus on structural transformations in entrepreneurship and economics.

Conference Objectives

  • To provide an interdisciplinary forum on entrepreneurship, economics, and social empowerment for practitioners and academics.
  • To foster dialogue on developing appropriate Indian business models.
  • To propose multidisciplinary strategies for economic, socio-political, cultural, and entrepreneurial business transformations.
  • To discuss the complexities encountered in entrepreneurship and economic development.

Conference Brochure

Conference Tracks

The focus areas of paper presentations may include (but are not limited to):

Track 1: Social Entrepreneurship and Rural Development

Track 2: New Technologies in the Indian Context

•Self-help Group (SHG) and Entrepreneurship Development

•Role of Information Technology in Social Entrepreneurship

• Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Development

• Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Social Entrepreneurship

• CSR, Environment Protection and Entrepreneurship

• Business Incubation, Innovation, Technology and Sustainability

• Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

• Economies of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Track 3: Sectoral Entrepreneurship (Food, Agriculture, Tourism and Allied Sectors)

Track 4: Government Entrepreneurship Programmes

• Public Policies and Entrepreneurship

• Role of National Skill Development Corporation

• Green Economic Policies and their Impact on Entrepreneurship

• Religions and Social Entrepreneurship Development

• Linkages Among the Public/Private Sectors

• Entrepreneurship in Organic Product Business

• Social Entrepreneurship and Voluntary Organisations

• Entrepreneurship in Academic and Service Sector


• Case studies and any other relevant themes that can elaborate on the main theme

Publication Opportunity

(i) All the selected papers will be compiled and published in the form of an edited book with an ISBN Number.

(ii) Get your paper published in select journals listed in ABDC.

Call for Papers

Submission of Abstract (300 words)

30 June 2021

Acceptance of Abstract

10 July 2021

Submission of Full Paper

15 August 2021

Conference Registration

20 August to 01 September 2021

Submission process

  • All submissions should be in Times New Roman, font size 12, with a one-inch margin on all sides, ranging between 3000 to 5000 words excluding tables, figures, and references. In-text citation and references should be listed in the APA format.

The submission categories acceptable in the seminar are

  • Conceptual papers (based on literature review with research implications and future research directions, research models, theory related)
  • Empirical research papers (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology)
  • Policy research papers (critically examining national or international policies)
  • Case studies (without teaching notes)

Registration Fees* 

UG/PG Students

INR 500

Research Scholars

INR 1000


INR 1500


INR 2000

*including GST @18%


  • Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Manjula R. Iyer (Associate Professor) | 9447026854
  • Student Coordinator: Irene Sara Shiju (Third-Year B.Com.) | 8547538488

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