Lumos - A Student Seminar Series in English Language and Literature

A Cash Prize will be awarded for the Best Paper!

Date: 30 April 2022

Who can participate : UG & PG students

Venue : Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Ernakulam

Mode : Hybrid

Registration Fee : Nil

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Main Theme: Media Adaptations of English Literature


Traditional and contemporary mediums for adaptation

This can include detailed, in-depth studies on adapted works in older mediums such as films as well as newer mediums such as comics, web series or video games, studies on comparisons of adaptations of a single source work focusing on the varied mediums chosen, etc.

Re-contextualising and relocating narratives in adaptations

This can include studies on adaptations where the narrative has been set in a time period or location different from the source work and the impact of such choices, studies on adaptations which have modified the narratives to reflect the accepted attitudes of present day (e.g. to be politically correct), etc.

Many narratives: A universe of adaptations of the same work

This can include comparative studies on a set of adaptations of the same work differing from each other in various aspects, studies on how different narratives adds to the source work or the body of literature, studies on how different narratives (especially folk narratives) come to differ from the source work and its implications, etc.

Setting newer directions for adaptation

This can include studies of uncommon or hitherto unheard-of adaptation styles such as adaptation of a film into a book, an addition to an existing literary universe, etc.

Challenges and contributions of adaptation

This can include studies on challenges faced by creators of adaptations, their contributions to the larger body of literature and other texts including visual ones, the challenges faced by the authors whose works are adapted by others into various mediums, etc.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. John Varghese

Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

Important Dates:

Submission of Abstract

5th April 2022

Notification of Acceptance of Abstract

7th April 2022

Submission of Full Paper

20th April 2022


30th April 2022

Organising Team:

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Vishaka Venkat, 91 8157063893

Student Coordinator: Ms. Meenakshy K P; 8138993915

Joint Coordinators: Dr. Sandhya Shankar, Ms. Neethu S Kumar