Following the resounding success of the previous edition, Jabagadadash is back! Yes! The wait is over and the pandemic isn’t going to stop us from Enthralling the Audience, Exceeding Expectations, to Explore, Capture and Exhibit Excellence, as we go ONLINE! We are delighted in bringing you Jabagadadash 3.0 – Inter-Collegiate Student Festival of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth. We have 10 exciting events lined up this year.


Emote Your Feet – Dance

This is a narrative and a performative event where participants have to tell a story through dance, expressing myriad ideas and a spectrum of emotions through movement, footsteps and music.

Drama Llama – Drama/Mono-act

In this event, the worlds of literature and theatrical spectacle are combined and brought to life with emotions. Participants are presented with the task of bringing to life any scene of a play picked from the vast body of world literature.

Sleuth’s Labyrinth – Mystery Solving

For the detectives in all of us, and the young minds that seek knowledge by asking questions, this event is a detective operation requiring team-work and speed. Teams are challenged to put on their thinking hats and solve a mystery presented to them online. With three stages of quiz, situation story-solving and a dashing ‘no cluedo’ escape room to wrap it up, there is no stone one would want to leave unturned for the clues.

Perspicere – Mobile Photography

In line with the theme of a lockdown, participants for this visual extravaganza are required to explore indoor aesthetics from a different perspective. To win, participating photographers must dust off their lens, and capture images that convey a memorable message, letting the viewer see the world through their camera. We encourage passion and an eye for beauty.

Kagami – Fashion Photography

This fashion-themed event, combined with photography, is a test of good taste and fashion sense. Participants must embellish their pictures and beautify them with the newest fashion accessories and apparel within their reach.

The Great Wall

A test of endurance awaits the participants here. The participants must show their strength and resilience by planking, trying to hold their position for as long as they can. Those that take part in this event will find each second is like infinity, as they strive to achieve the highest time.

Ginga – Foot Juggling

This sports event is all about skills and control. Participants will be challenged to juggle the ball for the maximum number of times in thirty seconds. It’s not just about kicks, tricks and flicks: timing and precision are important too.

Top Echelon – Best Management Team

An excellent simulation of the world of business, this management event tests participants’ mettle by putting them through a series of situations and challenges. To win, the teams must show that not only can they withstand pressure, but also that they have the ability to turn even adverse situations to their advantage.


Music often denotes a time of celebration and rejoicing, and this event celebrates music itself. Whether the participants are from the North, East, West or South of India, they can show off their culture, good ol’ folk songs and pay tribute to their harmonies. As the melodies ring out, participants as well as audience members will embark on an unforgettable musical journey.

Colourdale – Poster Making

For the budding artists, this is a test where they will be making posters on-the-spot. Participants will not only get their creative juices working overtime but will also be executing their ideas in the best manner possible.

Refer Rule Book for further details and event specific rules.


  • Kindly fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Phone number, and the Full Name of your Institution in the designated fields.
  • Click on the drop down menu under ‘Event Category’ and select the event you want to register for. You can select only one event at a time. To register for multiple events, you will have to repeat this process for each event.
  • ONLY FOR TEAM EVENTS: Only one person from the Team should register for the event. Enter the Names and Contact numbers of other team members in the ‘Remarks’ field.
  • The ‘Remarks’ field should be left blank for individual participants.
  • Upload your College ID/ Letter of Authorization in the ‘File’ field. For team events, compile the scanned copies of your IDs into a single PDF file and upload it.
  • Participants who wish to participate in more than one event must ensure that the schedule for the events don’t clash with each other. Kindly refer to the Rulebook or contact the respective event coordinators for further clarification about the schedule for the events.