Changing Paradigm in Public Policy Education and Research in India – Workshop

Two Days National Workshop on

“Changing Paradigm in Public Policy Education and Research in India”

Organised by

Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Cochin

in association with

National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru

Venue: Conference Hall, BTH Sarovaram, Kochi, Kerala
Date: 28th &29th January 2019


Public policies play a crucial role in the development of society in any democratic state. With the emerging new political systems, governments are increasingly seeking professional assistance from policy experts, consultancy firms, academicians, non-governmental organisations, in the process cycle of designing, implementing and evaluating the public policies. A well-trained human resource in the multiple domains of public policy is of paramount importance for development. Training of think tanks, consultants, preparing policy personnel and experts specific to India and to furnish direction on diverse spheres of the development of our society is the priority.  In order to achieve this, it is vital to revisit the existing education pattern and trends both in academic programs and research in the sphere of policy studies in India. This should stake stock of and  identify the gaps in the higher education system and further, to devise the necessary changes required to prepare professionals in public policy in India.


  • To assess the existing academic programmes in the domain of public policy education in India.
  • To provide a common platform for academic and policy stakeholders to share the experiences and challenges faced in imparting public policy education.
  • To explore, enable and to establish new paradigms to meet the public policy education challenges in India.
  • To prioritise the areas where the policy changes are crucial and vital for India.
  • To relook at the existing curriculum for masters programmes and review the pedagogy of teaching-learning process in public policy education.

Expected Outcome:

  • To identify the gaps and priority areas of intervention pertaining to public policy education in India
  • To come up with a new paradigm to be in included in the existing public policy education.
  • To list reference material for the educational institutions to revise their existing public policy education programs.
  • To form an educators/researchers/ experts’ group in this area for periodical review.


  • Public Policy Education landscape in India: Perspective of Educators
  • Existing Public Policy Programs in India:  Perspective of Think Tanks
  • New proposed initiatives in Public Policy Education Programs
  • Energy policy of India: Existing realities
  • Public policy and Rural Development
  • Panel Discussion “Public policy and Development, Future Outlook”
  • Round Table Discussion “Public policy Education in India: Opportunities and Challenges: Perspective of the different Stakeholders”

Workshop Conveners

Dr. B. Ashok, IAS, Registrar, CVV
Dr. Saibaba, NIAS

Workshop Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Krishna Mohan, CVV
Dr. Vanisree Ramanathan, CVV
Nithin Ramakrishnan, CVV

Contact for Registration:

Mr. Nithin Ramakrishnan, Assistant Professor, International Law
Mobile: 9895501910;