CVV Students to Celebrate Prana Pratishtha of Ram Mandir with Raghavotsava

The prana pratishtha of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, a momentous occasion in the history of Bharat, will be celebrated at CVV with ‘Raghavotsava’, a mega celebration initiated by the students.

The School of Linguistics and Literary Studies is organising events at the Onakkoor facility. The events will begin with a Shodashopachar Puja of Sri Ram at 6 am, followed by Ramayan parayanam, Bala Rama Charita drama and so on. 

The CVV family at the Warriam Road facility too has several events planned including bhajans, dance performances and the lighting of lamps. There will also be an interesting quiz based on the Bālakāṇḍam of the Ramayana. Here, the programme will begin at 3:45 pm.