CUSEC – Preparatory Workshop Series (PWS)

CUSEC, the entrepreneurship cell of CVV, is organising a Preparatory Workshop Series (PWS) for the students, in terms of providing holistic exposure in the field of Business. The first session as a part of PWS will be conducted on 23rd March 2019. Details are provided below.

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019
Time: 1:30PM – 3PM
Venue: Shivashree Browsing Room
Workshop Attendees: Seniors only

Abstract of the Session:
The PWS aims at making the students employable in the present day organisations. The first ever session will deal with basic ones like how to prepare a resume, minutes of meeting etc.  Moreover, this session will give an idea on how to go about doing an online course. This helps the students in learning new skills outside classrooms too. Since, it is important for everyone to know these basic things in a company irrespective of the field of work, CUSEC is making this session mandatory for students of all departments.