Chinmaya Badminton League (CBL) 2022

The Department of Physical Education is organising the first Chinmaya Badminton League (CBL) from 08 to 18 April 2022.  The matches will be played on a team basis. Winners and runners-up will receive trophies and medals. A complimentary jersey will be provided to all the players. 

 Team Selection Process:

Players who have enrolled will assemble in Chinmayam classroom at Sankaram 1 for the auction. Players will then be assigned to team leaders (selected by event organisers). 

 Team Composition:

Each team will comprise four players, including one girl and three boys. 

 Order of Games:

One girls singles 

One doubles (either men or mixed) 

One Tiebreaker

One reverse singles of boys

 Rules and regulations:

  • Each game will be of one set played for 30 points.
  • In the semi-finals, each game will be played for 15 points. 
  • In the finals, each game will be of three sets of 21 points each. 
  • Players have to ensure that each team has a minimum of two racquets. 
  • Shuttles will be provided by the University. 
  • Decisions of the referee and line referees will be final and binding.

 Note: Players who play the first singles or the doubles will not get to play the tiebreaker matches (reverse singles).