Be a Teacher –
Career Guidance Webinar

Teaching is considered a noble profession. Similar to other professions like the Health sector, farming and the armed forces, teaching too is a service-oriented profession. However, the question stands – do we have many takers for becoming a teacher, is it a sought-after profession? What are the advantages of pursuing a teaching career?

Teaching as a career is gaining popularity once again, especially in this post-pandemic time, when we realise that the presence of a teacher in a child’s life is irreplaceable. In fact, as per the report in the Indian Express (2020), “There has been a four-time growth in the demand for professionals for online, e-learning, and remote roles in teaching as compared to 2019, according to job-search website”

With the technological boom, the role of a teacher has also evolved over the years. There are so many ed-tech companies that are establishing themselves, and an education degree can also get you into the corporate sector. This webinar, being organised for students and their parents, as part of a career guidance workshop by the Education Department at the School of Ethics, Governance, Culture and Social Systems (EGCS), will provide a comprehensive career path after joining an education programme. So, we welcome you all to join the discussion and benefit from it.

Eligibility: Teacher aspirants, +2 students and their parents

23 June 2022 | 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. (IST)

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