Incident Management (IM) Teams 

IM teams to be officially formed for CEG and CNBG campuses. The team will be responsible for monitoring the situation and carrying out the required actions. Below is the list of members in each team. All campus-wide communications will need to be carried out through the Chairperson.

CEG Campus

Chairperson: Nirmal Babu 
•    Core Team Members: Seema Menon, Shrikanth Menon, Suraj Sathyan, Ramesh Kumar, Krishna Kumaran Thampi 
•    Faculty Representatives: Neethu Kumar, Sreevalsa Kumar, Nithin Ramakrishnan 
•    Student Representatives: Vishvajit Ilya Comet, Narayan Shete, Madhumitha L R 
•    Ex-officio Members: Nagaraj Neerchal, Gauri Mahulikar, Soumya S, NM Sundar, Lakshmi Shenoy, Jayalakshmi Nanda 

CNBG Campus

•    Chairperson: Akshay Malhotra 
•    Core Team Members: Shobha Iyer, YM Dandawate 
•    Faculty Representatives: Rohit Kulkarni, Swapnil Chaphekar 
•    Student Representatives: Jeevan Mali, Roshni Sarodi 
•    Ex-officio Members: Pramodini Rao, Nagaraj Neerchal, Gauri Mahulikar, Soumya S, NM Sundar, Lakshmi Shenoy, Jayalakshmi Nanda 

COVID 19 Guidelines

Template for Undertaking. Click here to view and download
COVID-10 Self-monitoring Chart. Click here to view and download
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Behavioural Health: Psycho-social toll-free helpline: 0804611007