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The Vision

Chinmaya Vishwavidhyapeeth thrives on experimental knowledge that sets our students apart as they embark on their career journeys. For this reason, corporations and businesses are supporting our students by providing them with internship and job opportunities once they graduate.

Our students provide unique prespective and a differentiated skill set. Their thinking is comprehensive and rooted in good values. In today's world, such students can grow and develop to be outstanding leaders. True leadership begins from the grass root level. Combining soft skill development and technical aptitude, CVV students have everything it takes to be successful in a modern day corporate environment.

Career Development

The CLP program provides students with access to resources and training to help them prepare for their career journey. Taking advantage of the help available, students are set up for success. The program includes:

  • Career Counselling Services
  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Interview Prep Workshops
  • Work Culture & Etiquette Seminars
  • Mind Management Courses
  • Leadership Building Workshops

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