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Donate Rs 1 Crore with Chinmaya Bharati Scheme 

The term ‘Chinmaya’ in Sanskrit means ‘replete with knowledge’. ‘Bharati’ comes from the Sanskrit words ‘bha’ (effulgence) and ‘rati’ (to revel). One who revels in the effulgence of knowledge is a ‘Chinmaya Bharati’.

The donation made under Chinmaya Bharati will be applied to set up infrastructure for a discipline of learning coming under a specific School (Department) and it shall consist of necessary classes, fixtures and equipment required and so on for that discipline. In other words a Chinmaya Bharati is the sponsor of the entire infrastructural requirement of the particular discipline taught in the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth.

Typical examples of such individual disciplines could be Vyakarana, Jyotisha and so on under the School of Vedas & Vedangas; Sahitya (Literature), Computational Linguistics and so on under the School of Literature & Linguistic Studies; disciplines such as Accountancy, Economics  and so on under the School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems; disciplines of Hindustani Vocal, Carnatic Vocal, Bharatanatyam and so on under the School of Kalayoga and so on.

The Chinmaya Bharati donor or their nominee will be acknowledged as the patron for that discipline; for eg: ‘Infrastructure for Discipline of Sahitya/Hindustani Vocal is dedicated by (or contributed by) Smt XXXXX’ It is indeed the dedication and commitment to support the knowledge streams that makes one a Chinmaya Bharati and they truly deserve to be described so.

Here is an opportunity to make a difference to the entire paradigm of higher education while also restoring the lost traditions of India. Your philanthropy will touch the lives and hearts of the present and the future generations.


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