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Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth has a rich faculty of research scholars and experts from special Indian Knowledge domains who engage in deep research and teaching of the application potential of Indian Knowledge Traditions (IKT) as well as of multi-faceted humanities and art forms subjects. The university aims to drive innovation in its chosen domains as its exclusive contribution to new pedagogy and research. This in fact is the thrust area for the University. Through these, the university aims to attract the richest minds from among the young who can go on to become the flag bearers and upholders of these domains in the future. This is the model that the University will use to mine fertile minds and plough back to revive India’s lost knowledge traditions and thus contribute to the world fund of knowledge.

Appointing endowed faculty professorships in the University is key to ensuring the highest standards of research and education, while also creating a student-teacher environment that will deliver the stated vision of the University. It is our aim to attract the best minds, the most dynamic research scholars, researchers who have the passion to fire the minds of students and engage with them. Hence the importance we place on this endowment is supreme.

India has an untapped, unrecognised wealth of domain research scholars which powerhouse we intend to unleash. They will be who will define scholarship and they will be the architects of student and academic research. Consequently, the endowment value we place on them is commensurate with the wealth needed for the University. Having endowment Chairs is key to the vibrancy of a University such as ours and crucial to building student confidence and passion. All research wealth currently resides in these scholars and that will verily be the lab where the students will research, learn and work.

Chair Donor

The importance of these endowments cannot be overstated. A Chair Donor would contribute a sum of ₹5 crores or US $800,000. More than one donor can jointly sponsor a Chair. A Chair can be co-named with the Donor, for eg: Chinmaya XXX Chair for Advaita Vedanta.

These endowments are lifetime and will determine the gold standards for the Chinmaya University.

The domain areas will be chosen by the University and the chair sponsor’s subject matter interest and wisdom will be factored in. For example,

  • Veda and Vedangas
  • Advaita Vedanta
  • Application of Puranas and Itihasas to Governance & Leadership
  • Ancient Indian Architecture and their current applicability
  • Astronomy and Arthashastra from Ancient Indian Wisdom
  • Indian Classical Music – blending north and south
  • Puranas and Indian dance forms – current paradigms

Appointments as Chair Professors will be made by the Vice Chancellor, assisted by a committee of experts with the Donor as a member. Their selection is based on latest peer reviews of the overall research and other achievements.

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