• The Importance of Earnest Feedback

    There is nothing that fits into the category of right and wrong. This plurality gets confusing and often contradictory. My recent confusion stems from certain observations made over the past few weeks. Being a parent, I suffer from the syndrome… Continue Reading →

  • Expectations from Education

    We all want a good education for our children. We understand that education is not just about gaining knowledge but should also earn them a living. We want them to be successful in their life. The question is, what does… Continue Reading →

  • Oh, Mother Nature! இயற்கை அன்னையே

    This poem was submitted by Dr. L. Sampathkumar, Asst. Prof. and Head of CVV's School of Linguistics & Literary Studies in 25th Annual Harvard India Poetry Meet on 16 May 2021, organised by The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute and Dept. of South Asian Studies, Harvard University. Continue Reading →

  • Vehicle Scrappage Policy, 2021 – A Discussion

    India has 51 lakh light motor vehicles that are over 20 years old and 34 lakh light motor vehicles that are over 15 years old. Around 17 lakh medium and heavy commercial vehicles are over 15 years old without a… Continue Reading →

  • Why e-etiquette?

    Today we spend most of our time ‘online’ for both social and professional reasons, and communicate heavily via emails, instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, chats on Zoom, YouTube, Instagram and so on. With the rush we are usually… Continue Reading →

  • Rationale and Relevance of CVV’s Psychology Programmes

    Psychology as an academic discipline, as a profession, and also as a practice arena intrigues the global student population. Millions of people across the globe get attracted to it and seek admission to various psychology programmes, though only a portion… Continue Reading →

  • From the Headlines: Alexey Mochanov’s Freediving World Record And Reflections on Praṇāyāma….

    On 16th March, 2021, Alexey Mochanov set a new world record for freediving [diving without breathing equipment and on a single breath] by diving 80m under the ice in Lake Baikal in Siberia. The video* on Molchanov’s Youtube channel and… Continue Reading →

  • शिवसप्तक

    Sri. Swapnil Chaphekar composed and recited this poem on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri 11 March 2021. Continue Reading →

  • Śikṣā

    Auxiliary disciplines which ensure the perfect study and practice of the Vedas with no dilution to their purity, while also ensuring that their tradition and transfer to the next generation is protected alongwith its precision are the Vedāṅgas. They are… Continue Reading →

  • Swami Chinmayananda’s Vision of Sandeepany

    On reading Dean, Prof. Gauri Mahulikar’s opening post in this यच्छ्रेयः (yacchreyaḥ) blog series, I thought I would share the vision of the founder of Chinmaya Mission and renowned Vedantic Teacher, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda when he launched the Sandeepany… Continue Reading →