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De Novo in Action: The Unique Modular Design of the Courses

True to our unique positioning, we have facilitated the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) allowing our students the flexibility to choose their own courses, while conforming to the UGC guidelines. This will enable CVV to shape the individual and prepare them not only for a job or further learning, but also for a lifetime. 

To graduate in any major discipline of their choice, students must take a certain number of courses from each category mentioned below:

  • Core Courses: Programme specific and compulsory for students choosing each programme. These courses enable students to specialise in an area and develop expertise for gainful living.
  • Electives: Belong to the core discipline chosen by a student and enable him / her to opt for a specialisation to get deeper knowledge. Together, the core courses and electives form the Majors.
  • Minors: Guide the students to explore and discover their true-life interests from other disciplines in an informed fashion, leading to true mind expansion. This is applicable to only undergraduate programmes.
  • Foundation Courses: Enable students to develop a good understanding of Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems.
  • Language/ Proficiency Courses: Equip students to face the competitive world by developing proficiency in areas / skills that are imperative to succeed in today’s workplace.
  • Self-Immersion Courses: Introduce to the student the value of deep involvement and introspection through life-transformation activities.

While the courses in Core, Foundation, Language/ Proficiency and Self-Immersion are mandatory, the students can choose courses under Electives and Minors based on their interest and requirement. This offers students the flexibility to design, to a great extent, the output they want from the programme. As CVV grows and expands, it is this foundational principle that will serve as a guiding post.



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