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What is the best motivational thought in shrimad Bhagavad-Gita?

(Based on a response  on Quora)

Drop, and you rise" is the most excellent teaching of Bhagavadgita. In chapter 18 sloka 66, Srikrishna tells, “Abandon all Dharmas, and take refuge in Me alone. I will liberate you from all sins; grieve not.” This is a highly motivational but the most misunderstood sloka.
Here Dharma does not mean religion. ‘Me’ does not mean Srikrishna as the God. Abandon all Dharmas: Drop all the emotional experiences of the past.
This sloka motivates all of us through Arjuna to abandon all our past emotions and attachment to the experiences of our body, mind, and intellect. It directs us to identify with the ultimate reality of living in the present without past and future contaminating our thoughts and actions. The ultimate truth is to remain a pure witness to all the activities carried out by the mind, body and intellect. This is indeed the present blissful state.

Drop the past as fast as you drop a piece of hot charcoal fallen on your outstretched palm. You are immediately freed from all inhibition, stress, and anxiety associated with past experiences. The past is used only as an automatic learned behavior and not as a conscious emotional experience. The past is not allowed to whip up emotions and attachment but used as a platform to rise up.
Misery is living in the past. The future is bright if we learn to live in the present. On the other hand, we lead a life that is entirely conditioned by the experiences and the results of the past. Our past conditions and the future expectations have to be scrutinized by the discriminating intellect.

Who presides over this discrimination? It is the consciousness “I” that serves as a witness to this conditioning of the past, dreams of the future, and the discriminating intellect.

Take refuge in me: Become the witness consciousness of all these actions that are carried out by the body, mind, and the intellect. You reach the blissful state. It is in your hand, and you can achieve it this moment.

The suffering is an illusion born of our conditioning. Drop the conditioning and become the unconditioned witness of all actions, success is yours.

What great motivation! Should we follow this, there is no misery but only success. Even failure is taken as a success as the life becomes a play!

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