Student of Applied Psychology

Firstly, what is Applied Psychology? 

Applied psychology primarily means putting research to use, to solve issues that have more to do with human behaviour. Applied psychology is used in various subfields like human resources, technology, criminal justice, healthcare, and education. If research piques your interest, basic psychology may be a more fitting programme but if finding the right blend between real-life and research is your cup of tea, then applied psychology it is. 

In forensic psychology, applied psychology is used in the justice system by studying the psyche of individuals who’ve committed a crime. In the education industry, applied psychology is used by professionals in research to assess a student’s academic performance. Applied psychology exists in advertising and marketing as well. 

The work an Applied Psychologist does

Almost all industries have applied psychologists working for them. 

Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is among the biggest speciality areas in psychology. One needs to have an inclination to discover, learn and listen, as these are the key ingredients needed to be a successful clinical psychologist. Psychologists who are groomed to offer clinical services, work in health, education and research sectors. 

Forensic Psychology
In forensic psychology, an applied psychologist is involved in the study of a legal system. As someone dealing with forensic psychology, you will have to deal with the evaluation of crimes and provide law enforcement with an understanding of what triggers the crime committed by the criminal and prevention of crimes in the society.

Sports Psychology
As a sports psychologist, one has to focus on keeping athletes mentally fit, ensuring they’re fully capable of playing a sport. ‘Mental exercises’ are a part of what a sportsman will have to put up with, in order to achieve the best results on a field. 

Educational Psychology
In the education industry, an educational psychologist helps students accomplish the best in their schooling years by enhancing their learning skills and ensuring the best fit in the school environment and society. It applies to students of all ages.

Engineering Psychology
Engineering psychology is an applied subfield that helps in enhancing technology, work environment, and equipment to improve the potential and behaviour of a human being.

Industrial & Organisational Psychology
These types of Psychologists assist firms and their employees through identifying and managing human resources in terms of performance, developing systems and processes, organizational culture, organizational climate through effective organization development interventions.

M.Sc Applied Psychology is great to study, but what about the scope?

A Master of Science in  Applied Psychology is an interesting science that deals with mental and behavioural aspects. It helps a Psychologist understand an individual by using general principles and research. The duration of the programme lasts for as long as two years in CVV. The programme includes four semesters, and upon completion, the student stands a lot of opportunities. 

The Scope Shouldn’t Concern You; Here’s Why:

There are various job roles you can take upon completion of the programme. We’ve listed a couple of them below:

Sounds good to me, but what about the annual packages?

Being a Psychologist in the formative years of your career may not turn out to be as rewarding as you’d imagine, but if you keep at it with a goal in mind, achieving it is only a matter of time. Experienced professionals in their respective fields can earn anywhere from 9 lakh rupees a year to 25 lakh rupees.