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IKT, or Indian Knowledge Traditions, as a composite repository of all knowledge hitherto known or yet unknown to mankind, is a knowledge bank for all modern applications from their traditional sources.

Subjects such as communication, linguistics, logic, ethics, governance, astro-physics, etymology, science of medicine, science of weapons, fine arts, politics, architecture, management, commerce and many more can be found in the upavedas, vedangas, upangas, puranas and upapuranas. Some of the greatest discoveries in science find a reference to the Vedas, the substratum of all knowledge, whose universality is proven and appreciated.

This repository termed the ‘caturdasha-vidya-sthanam’ is at the root of all academic programmes at Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, where innovation shall be the driver to make them applicable to all contemporary challenges through a methodology commensurate with our times. Given this, the Academic Department or School is established in accordance with the demarcation of the various streams of education in which the university is already engaged in. The Schools already established in the university are as follows:

Schools Knowledge Streams Covered
Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula, Kochi Campus
School of Vedic Knowledge Systems Vedas, Vedangas (traditional streams)
School of Linguistics & Literary Studies (combining Applied Indian Knowledge Systems) Sanskrit Literature, Sahitya Shastra, NLP with Sanskrit; blended with Contemporary Applications in Liberal Arts
School of Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems (combining Applied Indian Knowledge Systems) Smritis, Itihasas, Puranas blended with Contemporary Applications in Liberal Arts, Law and Commerce
School of Philosophy, Psychology & Scientific Heritage (combining Applied Indian Knowledge Systems) Darshanas (Nyaya-Vaisesika, Sankhya-Yoga, Mimamsa), Vedanta (Advaita Vedanta), Upavedas, Philosophy & Logic in Indian & Western streams; blended with Contemporary Applications in Sciences, Technology & Management
School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems (combining Applied Indian Knowledge Systems) English, Communication, Accounting & Finance, Computer Science, Personnel Management etc – blended with the traditional streams of knowledge in the Upavedas
Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula, Pune Campus
School of Kalayoga Performing, Contemporary and Visual Art forms

Given the depth and width of the subject matter, each School will be housed in a separate academic block. Consequently, the block will need to be self-sufficient and robust given the research orientation of the work and study process. Donations for a single School or Academic Block is ₹10 crores (US $1.5 million).

The School/Block can be co-named with the Donor – for eg: Chinmaya XXX School of Veda & Vedangas.

For further details, contact:
P: +91-75588 97888

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