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Nithin Ramakrishnan

Nithin Ramakrishnan, a post-graduate in International Law, is pursuing his interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the Department of Bharatiya Dharshan, Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University in which areas of research include early conceptions of State and International Law from Sanskrit Literature and Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems (Sastras). He has received international scholarships and honours from The Hague Academy of International Law (2015), University of Geneva (2016) and Xiamen Academy of International Law (2018). 

The Managing Secretary of First Adhoc Managing Committee of AAA India (Alumni Association of The Hague Academy of International Law - India Chapters), he regularly organizes focus groups discussions and workshops in association with the Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L) Thrissur, where he is an honorary fellow, since 2013. He also edits Elenchus Law Review for the Centre (CED&L). 

His master’s thesis, ‘International Legal Order and Global Governance’, is an expansive work on the structural principles of international legal order and the aspirations of global governance. He has also delivered a special lecture on ‘Conceptualization of Global Legal Order’ at Department of Law, the University of Kerala in October 2016. His current research interests include finding Indian/South Indian alternatives to theories of global law, the relationship between international organizations, and issues involving business and human rights. Apart from academics, his interests include film making, drama and theatre. He formerly taught Private International Law and International Economic Law at Kerala Law Academy, Trivandrum. 


  • Pursuing Interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the Department of Bharatiya Dharshan, Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University.
  • LLM in International Law and Organisations, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University
  • LLB from Government Law College Thrissur;


  • Principles of Global Law 
  • Research Methodology in Law (Specific reference to International Law)

Research Interest:

Legal and Political Theory (India Specific), Global Legal Studies and Global Governance, Legal History, Works of International Law Commission


Post-Graduate Courses: Indian Constitutional Law and History, Research Methods and Theory, Theorizing Governance from Shanti Parva (Shared with Prof. Ramakrishna Pejathaya).

Undergraduate Courses: Governance – Basic Ideas and Conceptual Issues, Neeti Sastra – A guide for living (Shared with Prof. Sushree Sasmita Pati), Selected Indian Political Thought (Shared with Prof. Vanishree Ramanathan and Prof. Sushree Sasmita Pati)


  • Honorary Fellow, Centre for Economy, Development and Law, Thrissur)
  • Editor, Elenchus Law Review published by Centre for Economy, Development and Law, Thrissur
  • Managing Secretary of the First Ad hoc Managing Committee of AAA India
  • Former Assistant Professor (International Law), Kerala Law Academy.


  • Scholarship and Certificate of Honors from The Xiamen Academy of International Law, University of Xiamen - July 2018.
  • Excellence Scholarship from The University of Geneva, for attending the Summer School on Understanding Global Governance - July 2016
  • Full Scholarship from The Hague Academy of International Law, for attending the Summer School on Public International Programme -July 2015

Research Publications:

  • Chapter in Governmental Report: Nithin Ramakrishnan (2017), 'Preventive and Punitive Laws on Public Deception in Commercial Transactions’, Report of Justice G. Sivarajan Commission of Inquiry into the Solar Scam and Connected Financial Transactions, 26th September 2017, at p.792.
  • Article in Peer-Reviewed Research Journals: Nithin Ramakrishnan (2016), ‘The Brexit Situation: What does it mean to International Law?’, Academy Law Review, Vol.40, August 2016.
  • Nithin Ramakrishnan (2012),‘Rationale Behind Neo-liberal Business of Governance: Its Deficiencies and Management Solutions’, International Journal of Management and Behavioral Sciences, Vol.1, June 2012 at p.355.

Nithin Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor

School of Ethics, Governance, Culture & Social Systems

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